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Shoutlet 4.0 Launches: SCRM for Twitter and YouTube, Contests, HTML5, and a Sleek New Look

By , April 5, 2011

When we envisioned the next incarnation of Shoutlet, we imagined an unrivaled social relationship platform that would power any enterprise company’s social media program and be a partner in achieving their social goals. As a result of that vision, today we’re proud to launch Shoutlet 4.0, used by brands like Cabela’s, Rayovac, Burt’s Bees, and Sub-Zero. Check out our official announcement here.

What’s new in Shoutlet 4.0:

A Sleek New Look

We have revamped the platform to a modern, updated look. There’s been major updates to the primary dashboard to make it even more streamlined. The new “shoutbox” at the top of dashboard allows users to post seven varieties of content: status updates/tweets, links, images, videos, RSS posts, and Shoutlet web apps. Other sections of the dashboard give users a snapshot of social media connections, activity, and content. One-click access to a new calendar of pre-scheduled content is now easily accessible as well.

Shoutlet 4.0 Dashboard

Shoutlet 4.0 Dashboard

More Robust Social Network Management: Social CRM for Twitter and YouTube

Shoutlet’s Social CRM feature for Facebook, which launched in October, was met with rave reviews and was the pre-cursor to a more complete CRM option – one that includes Twitter and YouTube. Now whole social media and marketing teams can converse with users and post content to the top three social networks through one interface. This allows brands and agencies to consolidate the tools they’re using to manage their social media even more – saving time and channeling their energy into engaging with customers, not spinning their wheels internally.

Social CRM for Twitter is a complete Twitter management tool within the even broader Shoutlet platform. In addition to the basic tasks of tweeting, retweeting, replying, and tracking mentions and search terms, it also includes the tagging and keyword filtering capabilities of Shoutlet’s Social CRM for Facebook. By being able to tag followers and tweets internally, teams can organize their community in ways that help them better respond and more easily extract insight about those interacting with their company daily. Also, users can receive email notifications for Twitter activity.

Shoutlet 4.0 Social CRM, Twitter

Shoutlet 4.0 Social CRM, Twitter

Social CRM for YouTube builds on Shoutlet’s existing capabilities for hosting and distributing files to YouTube (in addition to Facebook and other video sites). Comment, reply to comments, and see which videos users have shared. Customers can use Shoutlet to manage their full YouTube channel, from uploading video to engaging users through comments. Shoutlet CEO Jason Weaver gave some tips on engaging on YouTube Friday on Mashable. Read more about Shoutlet’s social network management features here.

HTML5: Web Apps for Everyone, including iPhone, iPad and Android Users

Shoutlet’s web apps have always provided a highly customizable, maneuverable way to socialize content that a company’s social media community can interact with on social networks. Now Shoutlet’s most popular web apps auto-detect each user’s operating system and serve either Flash or HTML5. With mobile use skyrocketing, making sure you’re not leaving anyone out because of Flash-compatibility is imperative. Read more about web apps and how they can be used on Facebook, your website, and 100+ other social sites.

Enter to Win: Launch Contests & Sweepstakes

The social media contests are thriving. Brands consistently launch sweepstakes and giveaways to engage current fans and followers and expand their reach to new customers. Through Shoutlet, companies can now build photo, video, and text-based contests within the platform, publish them to Facebook tabs and to their website using iFrames, and oversee contest voting and rules. It includes features such as impressive options for customization and the ability to pre-schedule contest start and end times.

Running a contest or sweepstakes using the same software you’re using to manage all other social media is powerful. It streamlines the workflow process, allows teams to analyze their efforts through one reporting dashboard, and maintains a similar look and feel that using additional third-party providers can’t provide.

iPhone App: Social on the Go

Social media waits for no one. Shoutlet’s new native iPhone app lets users upload video, images and messages to their accounts for scheduled distribution.

Shoutlet 4.0: Just the Beginning

Shoutlet 4.0 is the most powerful Shoutlet to date, and we think these new updates solve many of the hurdles companies face daily. But we’re never done. Like the trends in social media, Shoutlet is always evolving. We’re staying ahead of the changes in social media to provide brands what they need to effectively manage their social media programs. We invite you to see Shoutlet up close in a demo, or visit our new website to learn about new changes to the platform. Or, tell us what you think below or on Facebook or Twitter.