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10 Ways to Promote a Facebook Contest or Sweepstakes

By , June 24, 2011

Conceptualizing, building, and launching a Facebook contest is only the beginning. How you promote it makes all the difference in its success. How can you promote a Facebook contest after it’s live?

10 ways to get the word out:

1. Kick off the contest promotion by enlisting your current fans and email marketing database. Alert your active email lists about the contest to encourage their participation and help you spread the initial word. Break the news of the contest to your existing fans before launch through a Facebook Wall post to give them an exclusive sneak peek.
2. Promote with Facebook ads. Try targeting current Likes who might not have had frequent interaction with your brand recently, as well as other Facebook users in your demographic.
3. Cross-promote: Don’t limit your promotional efforts to the Facebook platform itself. Leverage your Twitter feed, YouTube channel, website, blog, and other places you communicate.
4. Use user-generated entries to promote the contest: Pull selected photos or videos from your entries to help promote the contest. (Check with your legal representative about how to include language related to the use of this material in your Terms & Conditions.)
5. Fan-gate your contest. Make your contest tab your landing tab and require a Like to view the contest details. This allows new fans to see other contest-related posts, which they can share with others.
6. Enlist e-commerce customers. Add a link to the contest checkout pages or order confirmation emails.
7. Make it shareable: Add social sharing options to your contest Facebook tab to make the process of spreading the word seamless.
8. Think offline. Brainstorm ways to use offline messaging, such as notes printed on store receipts at your brick-and- mortar locations.
9. Add to your website. Don’t rely only on Facebook icons on your website to drive traffic to your page during this time. Add messaging that promotes your contest there as well.
10. Explore word-of-mouth and influencer outreach. Unique contests and promotions can gain traction with bloggers and other influencers in your industry.

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