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Q&A with Tarik Hart, Shoutlet’s New Vice President of Customer Experience

By , July 16, 2012

We are excited to introduce the newest member of the Shoutlet executive team, Tarik Hart. As Vice President of Customer Experience, Tarik will lead account managers who work directly with Shoutlet’s 400+ customers; Tech Therapy, our technical support department; and our Implementation team, which works with new customers during the initial months of their license.

He joins Shoutlet after serving as Vice President of Global Client Services at Yesmail, a division of Infogroup. Tarik has worked with leading Fortune 500 brands such as Domino’s Pizza, Avon, United Airlines, Coca-Cola, Darden Restaurant Group, AT&T, and Foot Locker.

You’re a veteran of online marketing. What about the enterprise social management software space intrigues you?

I’m excited about taking the step into the social media arena, as I feel it will be this decade’s high-growth marketing channel, much the same way we saw email establish itself as a key component of of any brand’s marketing plan in the last decade. Helping customers achieve this success by providing them guidance while using Shoutlet’s software will be a tremendously rewarding challenge and one that I am eager to tackle. We’re laying the groundwork for the next decade of marketing.

What about the Shoutlet platform drew you to this role?

The intuitiveness of the Shoutlet platform blew me away the first time I saw it live. Given that much of the space is just getting involved in social media, driving this initial adoption is going to be crucial, and any platform that doesn’t pass the “easy” test is going to struggle to get traction. Additionally, the Social Switchboard™ feature, which is a trigger-based social campaign tool that works on the concept of milestones, really hit home with me, given how successful this approach has been in other channels, namely email marketing.

You’re also a seasoned veteran of customer relations and client services management. What about working with customers appeals to you?

My passion really lies in the journey of becoming a trusted partner for a customer. Building energetic teams and coaching them to aggressively stay on top of trends, master product usage, provide meaningful proactive guidance, embrace accountability, and rise to the occasion during crisis situations are cornerstones to my approach that I really find fulfilling. Consistent focus in these areas, at a high service level, will ultimately result in the team reaching our goal of earning trusted partner status with the customer. But again, like so many other things in life, it’s the journey, not the destination that drives us.

You’ll continue to be based out of New York, and make regular trips to Madison, Wisconsin, where Shoutlet is headquartered. What do think of Madison so far, compared to New York?

I love New York, and it’s one of those apples and oranges situations to try and compare it to Madison. They are two different beasts. For example, I recently ended up on an unplanned boat ride with some of the team around Lake Mendota in Madison. About halfway through, I realized that in addition to being able to see every star in the sky, we had an uninterrupted conversation and came up with a solution to a challenge that eluded us earlier in the day. Moments later, we docked the boat at the [University of Wisconsin] Union and had a few beers outdoors while listening to the band. Madison is great for producing ideas and solutions in a fun and welcoming environment. We went from “work hard” to “play hard” in a matter of minutes, just like NYC, except in a very different way. I’m going to enjoy spending time in each place, taking advantage of each location’s positive qualities as much as possible. I feel like I have the best of both worlds!

  • stephiehart

    This new addition to the company sounds great! You are lucky to have him.

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