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Now Manage Foursquare with Shoutlet

By , August 30, 2012

Customers are everywhere at any moment, and marketers are challenged to reach them at the right time on the right platform. For many marketers, this means tapping social channels to help drive traffic into stores and offering content to them once they arrive. Giving customers great experiences not just online but in-store is a critical piece of this cross-platform puzzle.

Today Shoutlet announced it has integrated with foursquare, giving Shoutlet customers the added benefit of managing all of their foursquare venues in the same social media marketing and management dashboard they use to power their outreach and content publishing on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Marketers will be able to:

Get an at-a-glance look at venue stats: Even with hundreds of venues globally, users can see stats on all venues, a group of venues, or individual locations. They can dig deeper into activity to learn more about the connections that are interacting with locations by using these segmentation options, getting a breakdown of demographics like age and gender, tracking how many check-ins are new, and more.

Run specials like a pro: Want to schedule and publish a foursquare special for 250 locations on the East Coast in a streamlined way? Done. Soon these scheduled specials will also be a triggered content option in Shoutlet’s Social Switchboard™ campaign publishing tool. (Watch a video on Social Switchboard here).

Manage social activity in one place: Foursquare’s addition to the Shoutlet Social CRM means community and social media managers can see venue activity like check-ins, photos, tips, and mayorship changes in-line with the streams from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube activity.

Read more about the integration, which is now available in beta today and will be available for all customers soon.


Foursquare reporting dashboard in Shoutlet Social Analytics


Foursquare activity alongside other networks in Shoutlet Social CRM


Foursquare Special management in Shoutlet