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Kara Martens

Senior Social Media Manager

Kara Martens is a social media and content marketer at Shoutlet. As Senior Social Media Manager, she leads social and manages content related to white papers, guides, and ebooks. Since starting in social media marketing in 2006, her work has included social media research and strategy development for companies in CPG, retail, B2B, healthcare, and banking. She also thoroughly respects a good joke and is an expert dog snuggler.

Recent Posts

Practical Ways Social Data Can Immediately Benefit the Enterprise

As social marketers we’ve been focused on drumming up engagement, building relationships, and creating experiences in social campaigns that boost awareness and reinforce loyalty – important work that’s come a long way since social emerged. Many brands have been able to show exceptional results from their engagement programs – either quantitatively or qualitatively – but many others are struggling with proving social’s contribution.



How Social Media Helps Solve 5 of Retail’s Biggest Challenges

If you work at a retail brand, you know how much things have changed in recent years when it comes to social media, digital, and marketing as a whole. If you’re in another industry, just pausing to ponder how your own shopping experiences have changed will make you empathize with fellow marketers in retail. They’re tasked with keeping up with the changes in e-commerce, mobile, peer recommendations, and all of the new ways you’re shopping and buying products today.