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Kara Martens

Senior Social Media Manager

Kara Martens is a social media and content marketer at Shoutlet. As Senior Social Media Manager, she leads social and manages content related to white papers, guides, and ebooks. Since starting in social media marketing in 2006, her work has included social media research and strategy development for companies in CPG, retail, B2B, healthcare, and banking. She also thoroughly respects a good joke and is an expert dog snuggler.

Recent Posts

8 Reasons Brands Shouldn’t Give Up on Google+

Get a group of social media pros together and it’s likely that if the subject of Google+ comes up, there will be a debate.

Some think Google+ is failed experiment. Others think it’s the best place to reach their customers compared to other social networks. Countless others in social media are just not sure how to proceed and have put off defining their Google+ strategy. And there’s just as much variety in what brands are doing on the platform as what they think about Google+.



Marketers, Start Preparing for ‘Content Shock’ Now #smfuture #sxswi

The average American consumes 10 hours of content every day. That’s 2 hours more than we consumed 3 years ago.

With content production skyrocketing, there is simply too much content for people to reasonably consume. After all, there are only 24 hours in a day. This is what Mark Schaefer described as ‘Content Shock” at his SXSWi panel, “Content Shock: The Future of Social Media.”



8 Steps to Surprise and Delight Your Customers [#digitaldelight at #sxswi]

There are few things more rewarding in social media than being able to turn an unhappy customer into an enthusiastic brand advocate.

In the “How to Build Ultimate Surprise and Delight Campaigns” session at #sxswi, DigitalRoots’ Tom Zellman and Jacki Halas presented their eight-pronged approach to delivering surprise and delight efforts that turn customers into valuable lifelong customers.