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5 Tips for Building Your Brand with Instagram Marketing

According to a recent Forrester report, Instagram delivers brands 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook, and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter.  Not only does Instagram have the potential to garner brands higher engagement, but it offers a unique opportunity to connect with customers. From visual storytelling with user-generated content to creative 15 second videos, Instagram is a hot spot for audience engagement.



7 Brands that Cooked Up Creative Marketing This Thanksgiving

These days, there’s a rising demand for creativity in social marketing – especially around the holidays or big mainstream events like the Super Bowl. Fair or not, customers now seem to expect brands to entertain them in order to keep their follow. Luckily, with increasing budgets for content marketing and the constant introduction of new social channels, brands are finding ways to deliver.

We scoured the Interwebs and pulled together examples from seven brands that raised the creativity bar this Turkey Day.


The Art of Influence & 3 More Word-of-Mouth Strategies from #wommasummit

Many different tactics can be described as word-of-mouth marketing. So, it’s no surprise that this week’s WOMMA Summit provided insights on everything from social strategy to content creation to influencer marketing.

Rising to the top were a few key strategies for creating compelling marketing that people want to talk about, and keep talking about, long after the campaign has finished.


Jay Baer: Create Marketing So Good, People Would Pay For It

“Marketing has never been more difficult.”

With this sentence, Jay Baer hits the nail on the head. With decreasing attention spans, and rising competition in the social space, today’s marketer has a tough task.

“Look, I’m an old dude,” said Jay, speaking on our recent Big Ideas for 2014 webinar. “I remember when we only had three TV networks, we only had one local newspaper or a couple of media stations. Today there is enormous competition for attention … on top of this is a colossal shift in how consumers make purchasing decisions because of how media habits have changed and due to the rise of technology like mobile.”



Bees, Bears & Jim Beam: An Interview with Jason Miller, Beam Global’s Social Content Manager

What do bears, bees and honey-flavored whiskey have in common? They’re all part of an innovative social campaign created by Jim Beam (featuring Seinfeld attorney Jackie Chiles, no less).

At our recent Shoutlet Social Summit, we sat down with Jason Miller, Social Content Manager for Beam Global, to talk about the brand’s “Sue the Bears” campaign (1:04), how image and video are changing social (2:45), and his predictions for 2014 (00:20).