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Is Your Brand Ready for Back-to-School Season?

It’s crunch time. That time of year, kicked off by Back-to-School, where retailers make the majority of their revenue. Mess this time up and it will be a long Winter. The National Retail Federation forecasts the season will drive  an estimated $26.5 billion. As always, competition is fierce and this year will be compounded by what experts predict will be a dip this year compared to last. More retailers are trying to get a bigger piece of a shrinking pie. (more…)


No Like-Gate, No Problem: Three Alternative Strategies to Drive Facebook Value

A lot of brands do it.  Whether it’s access to an app, contest, or a special offer, brands use Like-gates to incentivize Likes and ultimately grow their fan base. In a recent announcement, Facebook released a slew of updates, including the elimination of this popular feature.  Starting November 5th, brands can no longer require a user to Like a page to access an app, contest, or special content. While this might throw a wrench in some brands’ app strategies, it’s no need to panic. (more…)