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Introducing Shoutlet Customer Care

It can happen at any moment. It doesn’t matter the time, or the day. And it can come from anywhere. Every social media manager has experienced it. You are scrolling through feeds of social content — incoming tweets, posts to your brand’s Facebook page. And then you see it. A tweet from a customer with an issue about your brand. Your next move is important. How will you respond? When will you respond? What type of answer will you give? Who will you involve to help solve the issue? Do you have the right process and technology in place to help you deliver an efficient and effective social customer care experience?


Is Your Brand Ready for Back-to-School Season?

It’s crunch time. That time of year, kicked off by Back-to-School, where retailers make the majority of their revenue. Mess this time up and it will be a long Winter. The National Retail Federation forecasts the season will drive  an estimated $26.5 billion. As always, competition is fierce and this year will be compounded by what experts predict will be a dip this year compared to last. More retailers are trying to get a bigger piece of a shrinking pie. (more…)


No Like-Gate, No Problem: Three Alternative Strategies to Drive Facebook Value

A lot of brands do it.  Whether it’s access to an app, contest, or a special offer, brands use Like-gates to incentivize Likes and ultimately grow their fan base. In a recent announcement, Facebook released a slew of updates, including the elimination of this popular feature.  Starting November 5th, brands can no longer require a user to Like a page to access an app, contest, or special content. While this might throw a wrench in some brands’ app strategies, it’s no need to panic. (more…)