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Pinterest’s New Paid Pin Policy Aligns with Its Ultimate Goal: Authenticity

“We want people to Pin authentically.”

That’s the entire “short-version” of the section in Pinterest’s revamped Acceptable Use Policy that pertains to pinner compensation. It’s a perfect example of Pinterest’s ongoing mission to keep the site customer-centric and keep the pinning experience enjoyable.

This week Pinterest tweaked the rules for how pinners can be compensated on the network. It’s cracked down on paying people for individual actions on Pinterest – following, unfollowing, and pinning.


The Rise of Images: The Five “C’s” to Succeeding on Pinterest

This is the third post in our series on how to build images into your social strategy, based on a recent Shoutlet webinar. See the first posts here and here.

Pinterest is the 4th largest driver of trafficPinterest is the 4th largest driver of traffic worldwide. For many businesses, this is reason enough to take note of the booming network. And, with regular stats coming out showing the long life of Pins and the rate of Pinterest conversion, the reasons continue to add up.

If you’d like to launch or improve your Pinterest strategy, take note of the Five C’s:  Concept, Curate, Connect, Create, and Collect. These will provide fertile starting ground to make your pin strategy successful and good for business. (more…)

The Rise of Images: Why they matter & how they fit in your social mix

This is the first post in a series on how to build images into your social strategy, based on a recent Shoutlet webinar. Subscribe to our blog in the right sidebar to have the next posts in the series delivered straight to your inbox.

On social media, you have people’s attention for seconds (at best). So, the faster you can get your message across, the better. Images can be a highly effective way to do this – after all, the brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

If you’re unsure whether images would be valuable for your brand, take a look at a few of the stats we gathered that convey the rise of the image. (more…)

Guess Watches Realizes the Best Storytellers Are Its Fans

Ever thought watches were a dry subject? Then you haven’t met Guess Watches’ social media director Tarra Del Chiaro. She and her team are making age-old timepieces sizzle with an engaging Facebook presence and active community of 2.7 million fans.

We were thrilled to host Tarra on a panel at the Shoutlet Social Media Summit. And, after, we caught up with her for a quick conversation about Guess’s blogger ambassador program, Pinterest promotions and trends in social media.

Watch our conversation with Tarra or, if you’re the literary type, read the transcript below. (more…)

Four Gifts from Pinterest to Social Marketers
(and four changes we’ll just have to live with)

When a social network becomes popular, it’s only a matter of time before the voices of social marketers unite in a common cry: We need metrics!

This month, Pinterest gave marketers what they wanted: a brand-new analytics dashboard that provides insight into a brand’s most pin-worthy content. And, it’s a treat to look at – displaying data in the pinboard style that the site pioneered.

Analytics is a smart move for Pinterest – especially since only 17 percent of marketers are currently using or planning to use the social network. For the other 17 percent who said they were aware of Pinterest but not sure how it could add to their business, the addition of analytics may open a few eyes to new possibilities for understanding website traffic and reach. (more…)