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Introducing Shoutlet Customer Care

It can happen at any moment. It doesn’t matter the time, or the day. And it can come from anywhere. Every social media manager has experienced it. You are scrolling through feeds of social content — incoming tweets, posts to your brand’s Facebook page. And then you see it. A tweet from a customer with an issue about your brand. Your next move is important. How will you respond? When will you respond? What type of answer will you give? Who will you involve to help solve the issue? Do you have the right process and technology in place to help you deliver an efficient and effective social customer care experience?


Social Data

Data-Driven Marketing: Altimeter Group Gives Insights into Making it a Reality

Social engagement has always been a goal for social marketers, but with increasing challenges in reach and the combined pressures to deliver relevant content and experiences, it’s not an easy task. In recent years, attention has shifted to how to increase reach and engagement by leveraging data. Big data and social data aren’t new concepts, but understanding how to tackle the breadth of information marketers now have access to is still somewhat of a mystery.



Shoutlet Primes Brands for Social Success

Shoutlet Offers Feature Updates that Improve Efficiency, Actionable Listening, and Enhanced Network Capabilities

This year at Shoutlet, we’ve been hard at work delivering on our promise to help brands build relationships that build business. Over the last couple of months, we’ve rolled out three features to improve efficiency, actionable listening, and enhanced network capabilities.   (more…)

Shoutlet Adds LinkedIn Management to Social Marketing Platform

LinkedIn is the largest global professional network, with over 200 million members. Now companies that use Shoutlet can better connect with this user base through LinkedIn Company Page management.

In a new integration with LinkedIn, Shoutlet now offers users the ability to post Company Page Updates, monitor the social interactions on Company Updates, and track their impact.