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Shoutlet Primes Brands for Social Success

Shoutlet Offers Feature Updates that Improve Efficiency, Actionable Listening, and Enhanced Network Capabilities

This year at Shoutlet, we’ve been hard at work delivering on our promise to help brands build relationships that build business. Over the last couple of months, we’ve rolled out three features to improve efficiency, actionable listening, and enhanced network capabilities.   (more…)


Most CMOs Are Behind in Social (and Other Eye-Opening Findings From IBM)

Whether you’re a CMO, or work closely with one, IBM’s latest survey is sure to resonate. Conducted of 524 CMOs working across the world in more than 20 industries, the results reflect a group that is struggling to keep up with the influx of social data and the ever-changing nature of digital. But, it also reveals the determination of marketers, showing a group that’s constantly striving to do better and build meaningful, long-term relationships with customers. Let’s look at the results. (more…)


You Can Be a Leader in Social Business: Here’s How

More than 300 people joined us for Shoutlet’s first-ever Afternoon Snack – a Google Hangout covering three must-watch social trends. This quarter’s installment featured Aaron Everson, COO and President of Shoutlet, and Sandy Carter, published author and IBM’s General Manager and Social Business Evangelist. Watch the full Hangout below, or read our series of posts covering each trend. The first covers the rise of social business.   


[Webinar] Smooth Workflow to Smart Policies

It’s Saturday. Your company’s pre-scheduled Facebook post is collecting dozens of angry comments. What do you do?

Your company has numerous social media accounts with community managers across the country.
How do you keep things under control?

Your brand accidentally tweeted something that came off politically insensitive.
How do you react on Twitter?

These are just a few of the issues that today’s community manager face. While these challenges are daunting, they can be overcome with a smart social media workflow. But, where do you begin? (more…)

Shoutlet Now Integrates with Foursqaure

Now Manage Foursquare with Shoutlet

Customers are everywhere at any moment, and marketers are challenged to reach them at the right time on the right platform. For many marketers, this means tapping social channels to help drive traffic into stores and offering content to them once they arrive. Giving customers great experiences not just online but in-store is a critical piece of this cross-platform puzzle.

Today Shoutlet announced it has integrated with foursquare, giving Shoutlet customers the added benefit of managing all of their foursquare venues in the same social media marketing and management dashboard they use to power their outreach and content publishing on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.