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Introducing: Vine Direct Video Messages

Twitter’s video app, Vine, announced Thursday its single biggest update since launching a year ago. The new feature allows you to message other users directly and privately via video. This launch comes from Twitter’s renewed interest in its direct messaging channel and allows the social network to experiment with video messaging via an app already famous for this type of communication. (more…)


Breaking Down Facebook’s Page Redesign

Facebook made another design change. This is the point when the general public will usually rally together, with threats of boycotts and petitions to revert to the old and familiar. But not us marketers. This is what makes the world of social media so exciting. New technology, new layouts, new ways to reach our customers. We see the change as an opportunity.



#SXSWi: 6 Pillars for Using Social Data in Retail

Social data has been a hot phrase flying around this year’s #SXSWi.  What is this mythical beast? How do I tame it and unleash its mighty power? In the “I’ve Got Social Data, Now What? A Retailer’s Guide” session with Accenture’s Marjan Baghaie and Serena Cheng, participants learned the 6 pillars for using social data in retail and participated in a collaborative discussion on the hot topic.