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#SXSWi: 6 Pillars for Using Social Data in Retail

Social data has been a hot phrase flying around this year’s #SXSWi.  What is this mythical beast? How do I tame it and unleash its mighty power? In the “I’ve Got Social Data, Now What? A Retailer’s Guide” session with Accenture’s Marjan Baghaie and Serena Cheng, participants learned the 6 pillars for using social data in retail and participated in a collaborative discussion on the hot topic.


More People Have Claimed a Facebook Offer Than Live In Canada

Let’s face it. We all love a deal. Knowing this about us, Facebook decided to build deal sharing right into their platform with Facebook Offers.

Since its inception last year, forty-two million unique users have claimed a coupon or discount through Facebook Offers. (As noted, that’s more claims than our neighbors to the north.)

Has your brand considered running an offer? It can be an effective way to get people into your store, build brand awareness and supplement discounts you’re already offering via Facebook apps. Here are a few ideas to get you started. (more…)

Four Gifts from Pinterest to Social Marketers
(and four changes we’ll just have to live with)

When a social network becomes popular, it’s only a matter of time before the voices of social marketers unite in a common cry: We need metrics!

This month, Pinterest gave marketers what they wanted: a brand-new analytics dashboard that provides insight into a brand’s most pin-worthy content. And, it’s a treat to look at – displaying data in the pinboard style that the site pioneered.

Analytics is a smart move for Pinterest – especially since only 17 percent of marketers are currently using or planning to use the social network. For the other 17 percent who said they were aware of Pinterest but not sure how it could add to their business, the addition of analytics may open a few eyes to new possibilities for understanding website traffic and reach. (more…)

Thinking of putting money behind your Facebook posting strategy? Start here.

If you’ve been frustrated about the ever-decreasing reach of your Facebook posts, it may be time to consider boosting the budget behind your social strategy. Integrating paid media into your owned strategy may be just the kick in the pants your content needs to reach more of your fans, their friends and beyond.

Consider a few of these ideas on how to get started – curated from our partnership with social ads expert Kenshoo Social. (Catch the webinar and whitepaper on the topic, too.) (more…)