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Social + TV: On the Same Wavelength (Infographic)

When TV took off in the 1950s, people talked about what they were seeing. Now, 60 years later, people are still talking about what’s on TV, only with social media tools that let people talk to each other from around the world and on their mobile devices in front of the set.

Now that more people are starting to converse about shared TV experiences, social networks and advertisers are starting to take notice. TV shows that beg to be discussed online such as Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and live events like the VMAs have highlighted the groundswell of TV conversations in social media. (more…)

Tweeting in Real-Time: Six Steps to Marketing in the Moment

Twitter broke a new record this month: Most tweets in a single second. During the airing of a classic Miyazaki film, Japanese audiences hit a one-second peak of 143,199 tweets.

The staggering number is just another sign that Twitter is becoming the fastest moving social network when it comes to live coverage and events. With this kind of real-time network, there’s a need for marketers to embrace real-time marketing to connect with tweeters – while the action’s happening.

But, what does real-time marketing really mean? Let’s look beyond the buzzwords. (more…)