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What are you ‘thinking big’ about in 2014? [Contest]

In just about 60 days, 2014 will be here and we’ll feel the promise of a whole year ahead of us. For social media pros, there’s no doubt resolutions will be made that set goals for their social media and engagement programs.

But social media moves fast. The trends today might even be overshadowed by something new we’ll need to focus on when January 1 rolls around.



Ways to Leverage Social Before, During and After Your Webinar

Guest post from Bo Bandy, ReadyTalk’s Marketing Communications & PR Manager

Webinars are a big investment. As the organizer, you spend a lot of time and energy putting together an insightful and engaging event that will appeal to customers. There are many elements to consider before, during and after your webinar and social media should be involved in each step. Although, if you’re only turning to social to promote your event, then you’re missing out. Here are a few ways to leverage social media throughout the webinar lifecycle. (more…)

Four Realities about Generation Z (And Four Ways Brands Can Adapt)

Marketing to Digital Natives

This is the second post in our recap of the Shoutlet-SocialChorus webinar on marketing to digital natives. Watch the webinar on-demand, or see the first post in the series for more insights. 

With many marketers focusing on how to reach millennials, sometimes Generation Z gets left out of the picture. But, this up-and-coming group can’t be ignored.

Born from the mid-90s to 2010, they pack serious purchasing power through gift cards and parental persuasion. More so, they have the ability to impact brands via social like no generation before.

And, brands beware: Zs have big expectations. Those who understand four realities about this unique generation will be poised to meet their needs and succeed in the years ahead. (more…)