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No Like-Gate, No Problem: Three Alternative Strategies to Drive Facebook Value

A lot of brands do it.  Whether it’s access to an app, contest, or a special offer, brands use Like-gates to incentivize Likes and ultimately grow their fan base. In a recent announcement, Facebook released a slew of updates, including the elimination of this popular feature.  Starting November 5th, brands can no longer require a user to Like a page to access an app, contest, or special content. While this might throw a wrench in some brands’ app strategies, it’s no need to panic. (more…)


Breaking Down Facebook’s Page Redesign

Facebook made another design change. This is the point when the general public will usually rally together, with threats of boycotts and petitions to revert to the old and familiar. But not us marketers. This is what makes the world of social media so exciting. New technology, new layouts, new ways to reach our customers. We see the change as an opportunity.