Social CRM


Shoutlet is a comprehensive community management and moderation platform for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and YouTube. With our Social CRM, you’ll strengthen relationships with customers over time through easy listening and moderation, access to valuable post-level social data, and the ability to route tasks throughout your company with custom workflows.

Manage conversations with a complete moderation dashboard

Your social media team can moderate posts, respond to customers, and track social data all through one consolidated dashboard. View your feeds and new messages in configurable streams, including especially configured streams for search items such as hashtags or usernames. Right on the dashboard you can manage and review conversation threads, including Facebook Replies, tag conversations for later review, and moderate unpublished posts alongside other streams of engagement.

Real-time Social Data In-Stream

Through our SCRM dashboard you’ll see post metrics directly underneath your brand’s post, including likes, shares, comments, retweets, and more. You can take action quickly when a post needs attention, and get up-to-the minute insights on post performance.

Collaborate with colleagues and execute response workflows

Use Shoutlet’s rules-based workflow to assign the appropriate team member to customer comments. Easily prioritize and route them through the organization so you can deliver quick, meaningful responses while efficiently managing the process internally.

Social Publishing


Shoutlet customers have access to one of the most advanced publishing feature sets available.

Post to a variety of social networks

Shoutlet includes post publishing and scheduling to multiple accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube. Add tags to classify all posts, plus post links using automatic link tagging features.

Manage content calendars collaboratively

Anyone on your team can access shared editorial calendars that display must-know information at a glance, including post publishing status. Approve posts as part of workflow paths within the calendar, drag and drop posts to edit publishing schedules, and make quick edits efficiently.

Stay connected with the Shoutlet mobile app

Shoutlet’s iOS mobile app gives you seamless community management options that sync with your Shoutlet accounts.

Social Customer Care

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Shoutlet’s Customer Care gives brands the ability to quickly and effectively capture, manage, and respond to customer inquiries on social channels. The module combines powerful listening, filtering, and community management with enterprise-level collaboration and automation to surface important conversations, and delegate replies that drive improved response times and increased customer satisfaction.

Align social and customer care teams

From one end-to-end solution, social and customer care teams can align their efforts to decrease response times and quickly turn a customer issue into a brand win. With task assignment and prioritization capabilities, connect the appropriate customer service team directly to the customer for a quick resolution.

Focus on the conversations that matter

Knowing what issues matter most will improve both response rate and customer satisfaction. The Customer Care inbox serves as the touch point for all customer care needs, allowing your team to connect to the most important conversations.

Eliminate duplicate efforts

Knowing when employees are online and interacting with tasks eliminates duplicate work, leading to quicker resolution rates. The internal notes system allows for communication within the Shoutlet platform, eliminating the need for offline conversations.

Request a demo to see Shoutlet Customer Care in action

Learn more about social customer care

Social Canvas

create interactive, beautiful social designs and syndicate them anywhere

Social Canvas puts professional-level design technology in your hands. Your team can create custom Facebook apps, HTML5 pages, and web apps – no coding required.


Robust social media ‘building blocks’ lay foundation for all designs

Social Canvas provides your team with drag-and-drop ‘building blocks’ that bake diverse functionality into your designs. Weave engaging interactivity to Facebook apps and web pages with these features:

  • Contests powered with Shoutlet Social Contests.
  • Shoutlet web apps, such as custom video players, polls, sign-up forms, and slideshows.
  • Modules such as Facebook social plug-ins and embeddable YouTube players, Foursquare venues, Slideshare presentations, Google docs, and more.
  • Social sharing buttons that can be placed anywhere in designs. Customize a button’s look and feel and the social destinations available for sharing. Or, embed button for a single action, such as Liking a Facebook page, tweeting, viewing terms and conditions or pinning content to Pinterest.
  • Content from your Shoutlet library, which hosts photos and video and is easily accessible across social account teams. Learn more about how to manage media across locations, branches, and franchises with Social Enterprise.

Social Canvas brings the best social design features to one interface

Shoutlet offers companies the best do-it-yourself customizable social media content options in the space, from web apps to contests. Social Canvas brings these modules together in one interface supported by design options that provide a never-before-seen level of customization.

Layout editor keeps layout options fluid and flexible

Fully customize the dimensions and structure of your social designs. Use included layout templates or design free-form using layers and absolute position manager features, which allow you to place any piece of content anywhere within your design. Save completed designs as templates for future use.

Unique designs – no coding required

Every piece of a Social Canvas design is supported by automatically generated code that’s Facebook-friendly and HTML5 compliant.

Create multi-page Facebook apps and HTML pages

Create multiple tiers of content within one Facebook app or HTML page – no coding required. Enrich the experience for users with interior social pages created with and hosted by the Shoutlet platform.

Advanced technology available for one-of-a-kind concepts

For experienced teams and agencies using Social Canvas to build one-of-a-kind designs, advanced editing features such as custom CSS and Javascript entry provides pixel-perfect flexibility.


Design for any location on the web

In addition to Facebook page apps, social designs can be used anywhere that supports HTML5. This means designs can be published to your website, blog, a stand-alone Shoutlet-hosted URL, even as an email template. Optimize your Facebook apps and social designs for mobile users to ensure a great customer experience on every device.

Shoutlet web apps are built to be shared and embedded anywhere

Embed web apps in social designs, websites, or Facebook page posts. Customize sharing options for viewers to syndicate to their own networks.

Publishing options launch designs precisely when and where you want

Publish designs immediately, at a pre-determined date and time, or as part of a Social Switchboard campaign, the industry’s only trigger-based social campaign technology. Learn more about Social Switchboard.

Efficiently control versions of Facebook apps across pages and targeted groups

Once designed, Facebook apps built with Social Canvas can be displayed to users based on language, location, age, or fan status (like-gating), and mobile usage. Visualize which segments see which design versions in one, high-level summary and schedule app changes in advance.

Publish a design to thousands of pages and track impact in a few clicks

Create Facebook app templates and publish to multiple Pages instantly. Include custom variables that display custom content, such as location address and phone number, as part of each design. Custom link tagging code can also be automatically added to image links for each page, which shows exactly which page’s app is driving traffic.

Social Switchboard

Publish Content to Multiple Social Networks with Social Switchboard

Social Switchboard is the world’s first trigger-based social campaign tool. Build sophisticated social marketing campaigns in advance and set pre-scheduled markers and milestones to trigger automatic publication across multiple social networks. Social Switchboard distributes content when your criteria is met – giving you more time to do the important business of building one-on-one relationships with your customers.


A revolutionary concept unmatched by any other tool, Shoutlet’s Social Switchboard allows your team to build entire sophisticated social media marketing campaigns in advance. Let the behavior of your communities dictate when relevant and tailored content is published.

Craft social marketing campaigns with precision

Build the flow of a social campaign from start to finish. Plan your campaign and get a high-level look at how it moves through multiple social media channels.

Run campaigns across multiple social networks seamlessly

Integrate your social media presences across popular networks within one campaign. Build triggers that publish content to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, HTML5 pages, and more.

Select triggers on date and time or community behavior

Base content publishing on set dates and times. Or, trigger publishing based on milestones: Did a YouTube video hit 10,000 views? Social Switchboard can send your pre-written ‘thank you’ tweet to your followers and upload your next video to your YouTube channel. Did your Facebook Page reach 1 million fans? Launch a contest when the millionth fan clicks ‘Like.’

Pull insights from campaign data

Understand the true impact of your campaigns. Social Analytics provides progress on the triggers you’ve established or data on how the campaign is doing as a whole.

Social Contests

Launch social promotions with Social Contests

Design, publish, and manage unlimited social promotions on Facebook, your website, and anywhere on the web. Flexible design features and a best-in-class contest management platform make running promotions simple and effective.

Engaging promotions that enhance customer relationships

Choose among a variety of promotions to fit your brand

Build and manage a variety of contests and sweepstakes. Using Social Contests and the features in Social Canvas, publish:

  • Photo contests, including contests that require multiple uploads
  • Video contests
  • Text-based/essay contests
  • Sweepstakes
  • Twitter hashtag contests
  • Instagram hashtag contests

Publish contests anywhere on the web

Contests are built in Shoutlet’s Social Canvas, where any design can be published around the web, including:

  • Facebook Pages as custom apps
  • Your website via iFrame, making all contests easily accessible to Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Google+ users, and anyone else on the web
  • Shoutlet-hosted, stand-alone web pages, including HTML5, mobile-optimized versions

Turnkey contest templates available for quick launch

Shoutlet includes ready-to-customize templates for sweepstakes, as well as image, video, and text/essay contests. Also included is a mobile-friendly contest template to engage users on the go.

Customize promotions with flexible branding and functionality

Enjoy unmatched creative flexibility and choose from every module in Social Canvas to supplement your contest. Create promotions that are truly unique to your brand – no technical skills required.

Offer customers ability to connect with Facebook

Give your connections the option of using Facebook Connect to log into your contest via Facebook to enter and vote. Also provide traditional entry via email. Either method is supported wherever your contest is hosted on Facebook, your website, or a Shoutlet-powered web page.

Best-in-class contest management options

Shoutlet Social Contests provide advanced contest management capabilities for your team. Easily configure your contest details and requirements with the help of a step-by-step contest setup “wizard.” Automatically approve entries or batch approve or deny entries. Filter entries and organize them by tag. View entry and voting logs, and export data points such as Social Profile information, voting history, and IP address.

Robust sharing capabilities encourage pass-along

Simple, customizable sharing options let participants promote their specific entries, gather more votes, and increase contest traffic. Contests on Facebook include the additional option of allowing entrants to share the contest with friends and awarding them with an additional entry for each person referred to the contest through their custom shared link.

Integrate contest interaction into each connection’s Social Profile

Gather promotion interaction history (entries, votes, shares, and winner status) as part of each connection’s Social Profile and build a more valuable Social CRM database over time.

View and track engagement information

Keep tabs on views, votes, and entries related to each of your current contests and sweepstakes in Social Analytics, including entries and votes by time and day, approved entry ratios, and more.

Social Listening

listening monitor

Monitor and Respond with Shoutlet Social Listening

Shoutlet includes social media monitoring capabilities alongside enterprise-level social media management and analytics features. Monitor conversations happening around the web in a complete social relationship platform.

Monitor conversations happening around the web directly in a complete social management platform

Listen, engage, and publish – in one do-it-yourself platform

Manage your listening efforts within the same dashboard you’re using to respond to customers, publish content, create designs, and track your impact.

See a snapshot of what you need to know, then dig deeper for greater insights

Shoutlet’s Social Listening dashboard is a clear, concise visualization of the conversations happening on the web as they relate to your brand and products, competitors, and topics in your industry. High-level insights lead to more detailed breakdowns of mentions and conversations.

Get summaries of conversations happening in social media and around the web

Automatically track conversations on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Flickr, and Reddit, as well as blogs, blog comments, and online news sources.

Gauge your comparative impact with easy-to-discern metrics for monitoring competitor activity

From share of voice tallies to social tracking that gives you an up-to-date look at how your Facebook Like and Twitter follower levels compare to other accounts, Social Listening provides essential insight to know how you stack up.

Track activity globally

If you’re managing a global social media program, your social media monitoring should be global, too. Location and language tracking allows your team understand conversations from around the world.

Monitor sentiment to keep your pulse on your customers

Social Listening includes sentiment analysis technology that provide a reliable barometer of positive and negative sentiment, analyzed using a proprietary combination of natural language processing and machine-learning techniques.

Get insight on who is talking about your brand – including influencer indicators

See publicly accessible Klout scores for each person who generates a search result on Twitter. Lists of most active users, including top users by Twitter mentions, top users by Klout score, and other leaderboards allow your team to learn who is talking about your brand.

Social Ads

Create, publish, and promote in one social management platform with Social Ads

Shoutlet’s social advertising options include direct Facebook Page post promotion and tracking, as well as advanced options for complex ad programs through partner Kenshoo Social.

Seamless, intuitive Facebook Page post promotion with Simple Boost

The synergy among paid, earned, and owned media is what propels great social media programs. Shoutlet’s Social Ads offers the most practical, usable set of Facebook advertising features to brands and agencies.

Create, publish, and promote Facebook Page posts in one platform

Manage your Facebook post content from planning to promotion. Social Ads are part of the seamless, end-to-end execution of creating a post calendar, scheduling posts to multiple Facebook Pages, promoting posts as they are published, and tracking effectiveness of both organic and paid efforts is provided in one easy-to-use social marketing platform.

Simple, efficient post promotion in a few clicks

Give your Facebook post content an immediate boost through Social Ads’ Simple Boost feature. Create Page Post ads and Sponsored Stories from a published or scheduled post, or promote simultaneously as you publish an update to Facebook Pages.

Manage a complex Facebook Marketplace ad program through Shoutlet partner Kenshoo Social

Kenshoo Social and Shoutlet have partnered to provide an end-to-end solution for integrated social media marketing. While all Shoutlet customers can promote Facebook Page posts as they are published through Shoutlet and track their performance in Social Analytics, customers who also license Kenshoo Social enjoy the advanced functionality of a Facebook Preferred Developer ads platform.

See exactly which owned media posts are converting

Automatic link tagging for Shoutlet-powered links published to Facebook and Twitter allows mutual customers to pinpoint which owned media posts are converting. Data on individual post attribution is highlighted in Kenshoo Social analytics.

Advanced attribution highlights how much social contributes to conversions and sales

Publish a link through Shoutlet and see within Kenshoo Social how much that interaction contributed to a sale or conversion goal. Coupled with Kenshoo Social pay-per-click management and tracking capabilities, brands can see weighted attributions across a variety of sources, including organic traffic, social traffic, search engine advertising, and more.

Social Enterprise

Align Your Global Social Programs with Social Enterprise

Scale and manage your social media marketing across global locations, branches, franchises, and agents. With features such as custom workflows and content libraries, Social Enterprise makes it simple to scale social successfully.

organize your social media globally and interact locally with a consistent voice

Shoutlet’s Social Enterprise adds a layer of global social media management to every Shoutlet feature. Link all global social media accounts to a corporate Shoutlet license, allowing employees to use the platform to manage their own social media efforts with as much flexibility and freedom the corporate team decides.

Allow local-level managers to edit portions of Facebook apps or social designs

Give local-level social managers a flexible amount of customization options. Send full, locked designs to sub-accounts, or allow sub-accounts to edit only portions of a design. This allows all your sub-accounts to add relevant, local content to syndicated Facebook apps, web pages, or web apps.

Empower franchises, locations, branches, or agents in social media

Social Enterprise makes it possible to launch social media globally for thousands of users without giving up total control. Manage social presences for unlimited sub-accounts under a corporate, parent account.

Built-in features are designed to protect your brand and enforce policies

Monitor what’s being published by individual locations and maintain a balance of local and corporate content. Content approval processes, content libraries, and tiers of user permission levels allow for flexibility in sub-account publishing control. You’ll have access to internal data on each status update posted from your brand, including who created it, who approved it and the workflow it’s assigned to – giving you an easy reference at any time.

Universal content libraries and one-click global publishing let you stay on brand

Remain ‘on brand’ with content libraries and a top-down look at each local-level sub-account. Corporate-level account holders can provide pre-approved content to sub-accounts. Sub-account holders can publish content, select from pre-approved content, or submit content for approval – flexibility in control is fully customizable. Plus, to help you keep content moving through the workflow, our notifications system can send account holders a reminder email when content is pending approval and requires attention.

Automatically customize thousands of status updates and social designs

With custom variables, create custom text that populates information unique to each account – perfect for inserting items such as location addresses and phone numbers when the same update is sent to thousands of accounts. Add these custom variables to Facebook app designs as well. The same design can be published to unlimited Facebook Pages with custom information for each Page automatically inserted.

Tailor specific features to be accessible to customer groups
or individuals with roles

Hide specific features of the platform by building “roles” with
custom levels of access. Create unique permission configurations
by choosing among more than 80 features. Build roles for groups
of users based on their responsibilities, such as community
managers and designers, or create one-of-a-kind configurations
for a specific user.

Build custom workflows to execute response protocols

Powerful rules-based technology lets your team create custom workflows that mirror
your internal protocols. Create unique workflows for specific
types of content, such as status or links posted to Facebook and
Twitter, image posts, Social Canvas designs, and others. Include
individuals or all colleagues within a specific role as part of the
workflow steps.

Monitor and manage content flowing through custom workflows

Keep tabs on how your social content is moving through the approval stages. Track workflow history, see the status of content, and quickly access an audit trail of content from creation to launch.

Track your full social program in one place

Social Analytics reveals the true impact of individual sub-accounts’ social media efforts and for your whole program. View data for individual accounts, compare results of content by user, and see leaderboards for all local-level pages. Custom link tagging variables that integrate with your website analytics provider automatically append published URLs with your own custom tags, whether they are published as part of status updates or tweets or as part of social designs.

Shoutlet Profiles

Capture User Data and Unlock Valuable Insights with Shoutlet Profiles

Automatically gather data about each social connection and build a powerful database of social contacts that uncovers characteristics about your audience and helps you build a customer affinity database and become a more effective marketer.

Learn about your customers with unprecedented social data acquisition and interest segmentation

Shoutlet Profiles is the gateway to understanding your customers like never before. As a database management system, Shoutlet Profiles automatically gathers important data points about each social connection. Build data-rich context around fans and their preferences to deliver different messaging, designs, contests, and promotions according to specific demographic make-up.

Capture user data from across the web to build complete Shoutlet Profiles

Shoutlet Profiles gather many types of information to complete individual profiles, including data users input to Shoutlet web apps, sweepstakes, and contests; publicly available information on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube; data accessed by Social Canvas-powered, Facebook-gated apps; and information uploaded by your team from your own records. Over time, you receive a 360-degree view of each customer, as well as an aggregate data set that reveals fascinating insights.

Keep your social database up-to-date automatically

Shoutlet Profiles gathers information into individual accounts automatically, so you know the information is as up-to-date as possible. Merge contacts to eliminate duplicates.

Filter your database to uncover targeted segments of your audience

Shoutlet Profiles includes built-in features for your company to drill into your database and create user lists based on unique criteria. Create dynamic lists that automatically grow over time, based on dozens of factors ranging from age to personal interests. Or, build static lists manually. For example, filter data to uncover broad segments of your social database, such as women in their 30s who have a Twitter account, or create more precise segments, such as “Running Enthusiasts,” based on data they provide on Facebook, tags in Social CRM, or data gathered through custom fields you’ve created in Shoutlet-powered web apps and contests.

Protect user information with industry-leading security protocols

Shoutlet is committed to protecting all data associated with each customer’s license. Industry-leading security protocols minimize the risk of unauthorized access to and misuse of your customers personal information. Read more about Shoutlet’s security standards.

Social Analytics

Track, Understand, and Optimize with Social Analytics

Managing social media with one platform also means having all of your data in one place. From detailed Facebook post analytics to engagement metrics on each social design element, Shoutlet’s Social Analytics helps your team extract the metrics that matter and use them to improve.

track your global social media efforts in one dashboard

Get a holistic view of the impact of your social media program

Shoutlet pulls in vital metrics from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and YouTube to create a full picture of how your social media program is performing.

Dig deeper with detailed data on content built with Social Canvas

Social Analytics provides design-level data for social pages built with Social Canvas. See metrics such as referral traffic, impressions, and shares of the Facebook apps and web pages that feature Shoutlet content. Also see data on individual pieces of full designs, such as interaction metrics for poll and RSS feed web apps.

Track metrics at the campaign level

Build social campaigns from start to finish using Social Switchboard and track their progression. Social Analytics provides progress on the triggers you have established or data on how the campaign is doing as a whole.

Track your efforts across global accounts and social networks

Track multiple social presences in one reporting system. In addition, corporate-level teams at global brands using Social Enterprise see all social reporting data in one interface for their worldwide program.

Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer

Shoutlet is a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer and has earned a Facebook Insights badge as part of this program. Shoutlet’s Facebook reporting offers robust data sets on Likes, reach, engagement, and individual post performance.

Track conversions and sales with leading web analytics providers

Integrate your best-of-breed web analytics strategy with your social media execution. Automatic link tagging and shortened URLs provide attribution data for any link sent to social networks through Shoutlet to your web analytics suite. Shoutlet supports integration with leading analytics providers, including Omniture, Webtrends, and Google Analytics. Additionally, it has a strategic partnership in place with IBM Digital Analytics and its DDX (Digital Data Exchange) program, which allows joint customers of Shoutlet and IBM to take advantage of their IBM analytics and combine them with the robust Shoutlet Profile feature from Shoutlet. Doing so allows brands to make the most of social data as it relates to strengthening the customer relationship through understanding preferences and behaviors. Shoutlet will support any web analytics software, allowing your team to pair the powerful capabilities of Shoutlet’s social relationship platform with the web tracking platform of your choice.

Add custom link tags and track against internal systems

Adding custom link tags to all links provides an added level of insight to your links published in updates or on social designs. Links are automatically tagged and data revealed in your web analytics dashboard.

Organize and track by custom campaign names and internal tags

Add custom campaign names and tags to content published through Shoutlet. View reports that filter analytics by specific campaigns or tag, giving your team a snapshot of how a campaign or group of tagged posts performed.

Optimize each post based on reliable data

Social Analytics provides a snapshot look at metrics that help you understand the interaction habits of your unique community. It provides actionable data that helps you refine your posting strategy to reach the most customers and spark engagement. From in-depth Facebook post data to click tracking within any published update, know when and how users engage with your content.

See how contests are performing

Instantly get a snapshot of each contest’s status. Contest reporting shows each contest or sweepstakes, the status of the contest, number of entries, and number of votes.